Our Story

On March 31, 2013, my friend Oliver passed away in a rock climbing accident. After he passed, friends from throughout his life began sharing positive memories on his Facebook wall. I wish he could've seen it.

Inspired, I bought a box, a pen, and a stack of note cards, and then left my newly created "compliment box" on a table outside our campus house. As people walked by, I handed out note cards and asked them to write something nice about a friend and drop it in the box. Students came from all over campus to drop notes in the compliment box.

Everyone would gather around as we opened the box and read the compliments aloud. Some notes were lovey dovey, and others were hilarious. They were fun to receive and even more fun to write.

It brightened someone's day each time they received a compliment, and this app is a way to extend that feeling to as many people as possible.

-Austin Kevitch, founder and CEO

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