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What is brighten?

Brighten is a fun way to make someone's day β˜€οΈ. Send anonymous compliments to friends, and see if it makes them smile! You can also read the nice things people are saying to your friends.

Why did we start it?

In 2013, I had a friend pass away in a climbing accident. After he passed, all his friends started writing these really kind, heartfelt messages on his facebook wall about how much he meant to them. We wished that he could have heard all the amazing things people were saying about him while he was still alive to hear them! So, we created this app as a way for people to let their friends know how much they're appreciated and loved, without the awkwardness or stigma that comes with giving a close friend a genuine compliment in real life.

What is the purpose of life?

To find and eat as much pizza as humanly possible.

How do I send a brighten?

Just tap the big yellow compose button on the home feed.

How do I add friends?

Go to your profile, and tap the add friends button in the top right. Add friends by username, friends already on the app, and scroll down to invite your phone contacts!

How do I let a friend know I'm thinking about them?

Tap and hold on a friend's profile picture to make the magic happen ✨. Your friend will get a notification that you were thinking about them πŸ˜€

How do I take a smile?

After you receive a brighten, tap the yellow camera icon to take a selfie of your reaction. They last one second, and are only viewable once ☝️

How do I reveal that I wrote a brighten?

Tap on the brighten that you want to reveal yourself on, and swipe right on the yellow slider.

When am I anonymous?

When you write a brighten or comment, it is anonymous. You can reveal yourself on any brighten by swiping the reveal slider, and on any comment by swiping left on the comment itself.

Where did the word "bae" come from?

The word "bae" stems from "BEYonce". It started out as a compliment- people would say "you are so Bey" when their friend did something Beyonce worthy, and it soon morphed into a word for boyfriends and girlfriends to use with each other.

How do I change my account info?

Just go to your profile page, and tap the gear icon in the top left to access the settings page ☺️

How do I change my profile picture?

Go to your profile page and tap your current picture to change it.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the kindest of them all?

You are, bae.

How do I remove friends?

Go to their profile and tap the "..." in the top left to remove them.

Help! I have an android!

Raise your hand if you want brighten for android!! πŸ™‹ Sign up here and we'll email you when we know more about the release date. πŸ“±

Is it true that the brighten sun is dating the moon?

It's true. The brighten sun and the moon have been dating for about 3.6 billion years (after around a billion years of shyness and awkward flirting).

I'm seeing some negativity on the app and I want to report it.

We're here to help in any way possible. Please email alexa@brighten.in to report any kind of negativity on the app. You can also swipe left on any post to report it.

How do I block someone?

Go to their profile and tap the "..." in the top right πŸ™…